What to do during a power outage?

Holmes-Wayne Electric Cooperative is dedicated to providing its member/owners with reliable electric service, and we're continually seeking innovative ways and taking advantage of new technologies to ensure we're meeting that goal.

But, regardless of how hard we work, it's impossible to eliminate all power outages. Some things are unfortunately beyond our control: For example lightning, high winds, ice or snow storms, transmission lines, a vehicle hitting a utility pole, a squirrel causing a short circuit, a mistake by tree trimmers or persons cutting firewood, construction workers digging into our lines, or electric equipment failure.

So, while we can't completely eliminate power outages, we can help you cope with them. This section provides some helpful hints on what to do if the electricity goes off.

For your convenience, here are some outage-related fact sheets that you may wish to print.


FAQ During an Outage

Storm Preparation Tips

Emergency Kit Checklist

Food Storage