Holmes-Wayne Electric Cooperative Policies and Rates
Holmes-Wayne Electric Cooperative is a member-owned, member-controlled Cooperative below are the Cooperative’s operating policies and rates as set forth by the Board of Trustees.

Account number
Each member is assigned an account number, which are printed on the bill along with the name and address. When you call our office concerning your bill or an outage, it is helpful for you to have your account number.

Meter reading
Holmes-Wayne is a “self-read” system. We do not employ meter readers to reduce operating cost. Each member is responsible for reading his/her meter and reporting monthly readings along with their remittance. Mark the numbers as they appear on your meter in the appropriate space on your bill. If for some reason you are unable to pay your bill, either write your readings in these squares submit on-line or call the reading into the office. Please mark the date of the reading on the stub. Also, you will find it helpful to read the meter on or about the same day each month. If you fail to send a reading for two (2) consecutive months, we will read the meter and add a $20.00 charge to your account.

Miscellaneous charges
Returned checks $35.00
Collection fees $20
Reconnect fees $20
After hours reconnect $170
Meter tests $20
Meter reading $20

Our billing is done a month in arrears. For example, if you read your meter in February the next month bill that is processed and received in March will be for the time period of January reading date to February reading date.

Minimum bill policy
The minimum monthly residential consumer charge is $18.75, regardless of usage. Monthly consumer charge is each member/owners proportionate share (per meter) of infrastructure investment in substations and distribution equipment.

Terms of payment
We have two billing cycles. If your service is provided in Wayne or Ashland counties, your bill is processed in the middle of the month and the amount is due by the following 5th of the month. Service provided in all other counties are processed the first of the month and amount is due the 20th of the month. If payments are made after the due date, a fee is placed at 10% higher for the first $25 and 2% higher on the remainder of the bill.

Budget billing available
Budget billing is available to all residential rate class consumers who have had service at the location for the previous 12 months. You may apply for budget billing at any time with a zero balance due.
Apply for Budget Billing

Where to pay your electric bill
1. Mobile app: SmartHub NISC by checking/savings account, Mastercard or Visa.

On-line at this web site with checking/savings account, Mastercard or Visa.


By check, Mastercard or Visa at any time by calling toll-free 866-674-1055.


Automatic Bill Payment.


Checks and money orders may be dropped off at our 24 hour drop off boxes at both Millersburg and West Salem locations. We do not accept cash.

6. Checks and money orders may be paid by mail
7. Bills may be paid in cash at the following collection stations community payment locations.

Some consumers have recently begun to pay their electric bills using third-party bill-paying services. While Holmes-Wayne Electric has no formal policy in place which allows or prohibits this, we remind consumers that it is their sole responsibility to ensure that their bill is paid and a valid meter reading is received for each billing period by the time specified on the bill. We are not responsible for missed or delayed payments, nor for any charges or fees that may be incurred for missed or delayed payments or meter readings. Consumers using any such service(s) should allow ample time (generally three business days) for payments to be received in our office.

Additional Name on your account:
If you would like to add an additional name to your account so they can call in and discuss your account and receive account information, please complete the following form and return to the Cooperative.

Disconnect for Non Payment Policy

Temporary Disconnect
Members may need to temporary disconnect their service for home remodeling projects and other special projects. Please notify the Cooperative at least 3 days in advance to schedule a temporary disconnect of service.

Initiating or Terminating Service
Active account services can be changed within 24-48 hours. To allow for efficient scheduling, please notify the Cooperative immediately if you would like to initiate or terminate an active account service. Please note that if you are requesting the permanent removal of infrastructure, completion timing will be based on the project scope.
If you have a previous inactive account with a balance, the balance will be transferred to your new active account.

High bills?
We make every effort to avoid mistakes in our billing. If you think there has been an error, please read your meter, then call us. We will verify the reading is accurate, based on your previously reported meter readings and prior consumption history.

If the correct reading shows your usage is substantially higher than usual, you may have a problem with the wiring in your home or in a particular appliance, perhaps creating a dangerous situation. You should have an electrician check this.

A good method to see if either situation is the case is to turn off all appliances and lights, then all the breakers. Then turn on one breaker at a time. Check the meter as each circuit is tested. If the meter spins with everything on a particular circuit off, there may be a problem with that circuit. Next turn on your appliances and test each breaker again. If the meter spins extremely fast with appliance turned on, your appliance may be inefficient.

Sometimes we receive requests to have a meter tested. In these cases, we reserve the right to make a charge of $20 for the meter test if the test shows the meter to be operating properly. If the meter is faulty no charge is made for the test, and the consumer is given credit for any over billed amount. Please note that 99 percent of the time when a meter is not accurately reading, it is reading too slow.

Holmes-Wayne Electric Cooperative, Inc. Rates and charges as of May 2017 billing

Residential and Farm Schedule Rates

General Service without Demand Rates

Please contact the Cooperative for Large Power Accounts and General Service with Demand Accounts


Medical Awareness Certification:
Is someone living in your home with a medical condition that requires electrical assistance? If so, you must notify Holmes-Wayne by completing the form below to be added or remain on our Medical Awareness list.

HWEC Medical Awareness list is used to notify you of any planned outages for maintenance and repair as well as uncontrollable outages such as weather conditions or car accidents. During these “standard” outages, the member on the list is given first consideration when your specific line is being restored.

Holmes-Wayne makes every effort to keep power flowing to every members home at all times. Because of factors beyond our control, it is always our recommendation that you create a back up plan in case of a power outage. This may be as simple as having a generator or another location to relocate to if such a case would occur.
Medical Awareness Certification form must be completed on an annual basis.

Medical Awareness Certification Form