Established on October 30, 1935 in Millersburg, Ohio, Holmes-Wayne Electric Cooperative, Inc.is a non-profit electric distribution utility. We are owned and operated by our member-customers. 

first line truck
HWEC's first line truck

Headquartered in Millersburg, with a district office in West Salem, HWEC maintains over 2,200 miles of distribution line and 18 substations. We serve more than 18,000 accounts in Holmes, Wayne, Medina, Ashland, Stark, Tuscarawas, Knox and Coshocton counties.             

A nine member board of trustees, comprised of cooperative members, and elected by the membership, oversees the Cooperative. The board hires the president/CEO, who is responsible for the  day-to-day operations including 38 employees.

The average residential consumer on Holmes-Wayne's lines uses about 1,350 kilowatt hours (KWH) per month. As a non-profit Cooperative, any margins received beyond the cost of providing service (profits) are allocated to each member's account, based on amounts billed, and eventually returned to the members. These assigned margins are referred to as capital credits.

Holmes-Wayne Electric Cooperative, Inc. paid $2,924,656 in taxes with a revenue of approximately $41,900,331 in 2019.

A member-owner of Buckeye Power, Inc., HWEC buys all of its electricity from Buckeye Power, which also operates as a Co-op.  Therefore, all  member-owners of Holmes-Wayne Electric are also a member-owner of Buckeye Power.