New Electric Service

New Electric Service

For new electric service, please complete the membership application and review the code of regulations. If you would like to have more than one name on the account, complete the additional account contact form. 

Return the  signed member application via:

Mail: PO BOX 112; Millersburg,OH 44654 or fax to 330-674-1869Lineman Working

We will then determine the type of service for which you are applying. A security deposit may be collected based on your credit rating. A security deposit collected is credited back to the member after six months of consecutive on-time payments.

Click here for the online member packet.

If this is a new construction, the below information will assist you in the process:

New Line Extension Services Charges
New Service Construction Diagrams
New Service for Mobile Homes

Initiating or Terminating Service

Active account services can be changed within 24-48 hours. To allow for efficient scheduling, please notify the Cooperative immediately if you would like to initiate or terminate an active account service. Please note that if you are requesting the permanent removal of infrastructure, completion timing will be based on the project scope. If you have a previous inactive account with a balance, the balance will be transferred to your new active account. 

Click here to view Ohio Public Utilities Commission - Electric Certified Territories