Power Students Program

Power Students Program

Education helps shape the leaders of tomorrow. That's why Holmes-Wayne Electric Cooperative wants to recognize students
in grades 6-8 for their hard work & dedication to education. In 2020, we are introducing the Power Students Program.  

Here's how it works!

  •  Students in grades 6-8, whose parents or guardians are members of Holmes-Wayne Electric Co-op, are eligible to apply.

  • Students must have a minimum of three A’s on their most recent report card (less than six months old).

  • A copy of the report card must be submitted by mail to: Holmes-Wayne Electric Co-op, Attn: Robyn Tate, PO Box 112, Millersburg, OH 44654.

  • Entry grade card must include: student's name, parent/guardian name(s), school, grade, address (not published) and contact phone number (not published). 

  • Entries will be placed into a drawing for each grading period. Drawing dates will be: February 10, April 10, July 10 and December 10 to allow approximately a month after end of the grading period for entry submission.

  • 3 winners will be drawn every grading period.

  • An entry is good for two drawings, a student cannot win more than once a year. 

  • Winners will receive a $25.00 gift card.  Their photo will be published in Ohio Cooperative Living, on the HWEC website and Facebook page.  Photo can be taken be HWEC staff or submitted along with photo release form signed by a parent/guardian.

Please contact us at 866-674-1055 with any questions.