The undersigned (hereinafter called the “applicant”) hereby applies for membership in, and agrees to purchase electric energy and/or other services from Holmes Wayne Electric Cooperative, Inc.: (hereinafter called the “Cooperative”), upon the following terms and conditions:

Applicant acknowledges that upon acceptance of this application for membership, the terms and provisions of the Articles of Incorporation (“Articles”) and Code of Regulations (“Code”) of the Cooperative (as amended from time to time) shall constitute and be a contract between the Applicant and the Cooperative and the Applicant is bound by such contract as fully as though the Applicant had signed a separate instrument containing all the terms and provisions of the Articles and the Code. This contract shall become effective on the date service is first made available, and shall remain in effect until terminated by either party. This membership is not assignable or transferable except as permitted by the Code.

The Applicant agrees to comply with and be bound by all the provisions of the Articles and the Code and such rules and regulations may from time to time be adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Cooperative. Your attention is called to the following selected provisions of the Code:

Article 1 Section 8, subject to applicable laws, requires the Applicant to purchase from the Cooperative all electric energy consumed on the premises described below and to pay therefore monthly at rates which will from time to time be fixed by the Board of Trustees.

Article I Section 10 requires the Applicant to cause all premises receiving electric service to become and remain wired in accordance with the specifications of the National Electric Safety Code, any applicable state or local government ordinance, and the Cooperative.

Article I Section 11 requires the Applicant to grant easements to the Cooperative over any part of the premises described below to install, operate, maintain, repair and remove any part of the Cooperative’s distribution system on such reasonable terms and conditions as the Cooperative shall require. Those reasonable terms and conditions include granting the Cooperative the right to do all things incidental or necessary thereto, including, without limitation, the cutting, trimming and controlling the growth of vegetation that may interfere with or threaten to endanger the operation and maintenance of the Cooperative’s electric distribution system.

By signing this application, Applicant grants the Cooperative the right to perform a background credit check prior to service being established in accordance with the Cooperative’s policies and procedures. The Cooperative may require a deposit as security for payment if the Applicant does not meet the credit standards established by the Cooperative, when electric service is shut off for nonpayment, or in case of bankruptcy. Failure to provide adequate security for payment will result in denial or discontinuance of electric service subject to applicable laws.

Applicant hereby agrees that $6.00 of the amount paid for electricity each year is for a subscription to Ohio Cooperative Living magazine.

The membership resulting from this application will be solely in the name of the primary applicant and no other party will be given any information regarding the account for electric service. If a second adult resides in the premises described below it is the policy of the Cooperative that such second adult also assume financial responsibility for payment for electric service by completing the enclosed additional account contact and agreement of financial responsibility for account.