Energy Efficiency

Holmes-Wayne Electric offers a full home energy assessment, including the use of a blower door and infrared cameras. A report is sent after the on-site energy audit is complete. This report will provide cost effective ways to improve the comfort and efficiency of your home.  Contact HWEC Energy Advisor, Kenny Depriest, toll-free at 866-674-1055 for more information regarding our on-site home energy assessments. 

Holmes-Wayne Electric  offers free rental of Kill-A-Watt electric consumption monitors.  You can plug in any 120 volt appliance and the Kill-A-Watt will monitor the consumption of the kilowatt-hours (kWH). These monitors can help consumers reduce energy costs by identifying energy wasting appliances as well as consumption habits that you may want to change to reduce your electric bill. 

Kill-A-Watt electric monitors are available at both our Millersburg and West Salem locations, and are available for one month free rental. is filled with tips to help members become more energy efficient. This site features more than a dozen energy-efficiency interactive web applications linked to virtual home tour, all designed to encourage co-op members throughout the country to take energy-saving actions now. Plus Touchstone Energy TV, showcasing energy-efficiency videos and the Energy Savings Forum, where members can post their own energy saving success stories and learn more information on how they can lower their energy bill.

It's everyone's responsibility to care for our environment. That's why Holmes-Wayne Electric is offering the EnviroWatts program. EnviroWatts is a green power program exclusively for Ohio Electric Cooperative members. The power for this program is generated from renewable energy sources such as solar panels and bio-digesters in Ohio, that's renewable energy going into Ohio's power grid. EnviroWatts is offered in "blocks." Each block represents 100 kilowatt hours of renewable energy purchased for this program. Each block costs just $2 a month. You decide the level of support that's right for you - one block, two, three or more. To sign up or to learn more, give us a call.

OurSolar is a new initiative from Buckeye Power, Holmes-Wayne Electric's generation facility. Buckeye Power has installed a brand-new solar array and the renewable energy produced by it is being added to our overall energy mix.

Our Solar

This program is designed to assist rural, small, for-profit businesses and agricultural producers install renewable energy systems or make energy efficiency improvements to their operations. These types of improvements can help eligible applicants control energy costs and improve the overall profitability of their operations. The grant can cover up to 25% of the eligible project costs while the loan guarantee can cover up to 75% of the eligible project costs. Federal participation cannot exceed 75% of eligible project costs.

Rural Energy for America