You may submit your meter reading via SmartHub online, the SmartHub mobile application, or by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 330-674-1055 (local) & 866-674-1055 (toll-free).

Holmes-Wayne Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a "self-read" system. That is, our members provide their own monthly meter readings to the
Co-Op. We do not employee meter readers, to reduce operating costs. 

How do I read my meter?

Each member is responsible for reading his/her meter and reporting monthly readings along with their payment. If for some reason you are unable to pay your bill, you still need to report your meter reading for accurate billing the next month. 

Your monthly billed amount depends upon the reading you provide to us. Monthly readings must be provided to us as set forth in the Cooperative's operating policies. 

In order to get the most accurate picture possible of your electric usage, we suggest that you read your meter on the same day every month. Think of it as a 30-day period. 

If you do not read your meter on the same day each month, you run the risk of developing a variable billing cycle, which can cause your bills to be either artificially high or low. Many high-bill concerns can be traced to irregular reporting of meter readings. 

If you fail to send a reading for two (2) consecutive months, we will read the meter and add a $20.00 charge to your account. 


Meter Tampering