There are many causes of power outages - wind, ice and snow, transmission lines, lightning, construction damage to underground lines, traffic accidents affecting power poles, equipment failure and more. Please remember to never go near a downed power line! Contact Holmes-Wayne Electric immediately if you discover a downed line. 

The storm might be over, but the work for Holmes-Wayne Electric to restore service is just beginning. It's a big job that involves a lot more than just throwing a switch or pulling a tree limb off a line. Holmes-Wayne's main goal is to restore power safely to the greatest number of  members in the shortest time possible.

Major storms or other natural disasters sometimes cause major outages - affecting a large number of customers over an extended period of time. In general, Holmes-Wayne defines a "major outage" as one that lasts more than 24-hours and requires the extra assistance of utility crews from outside the local area. 

Please remember that not all outages are repairable by Holmes-Wayne staff. If the problem involves the transmission lines, which bring power to Holmes-Wayne substations, Holmes-Wayne must rely on the transmission company to make their repairs.                                                                          

Winter Outage