In today’s energy market, renewable energy is playing a larger role than ever before. Holmes-Wayne Electric Cooperative participates with its members who wish to interconnect with our distribution lines through net-metering. Our Board of Directors has approved an interconnection process developed by our management and engineers to assure all interconnections are safe for our members, employees and community; and do not threaten our infrastructure or reliability of service. These steps include an application be submitted along with engineered stamped drawings, installed equipment specifications, liability insurance requirements, a system inspection upon completion, prior to interconnection, by HWEC engineers and a signed interconnection agreement between HWEC and the member. In some instances, additional information regarding the renewable energy resource and its installation may be required by the Cooperative. 

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HWEC Technical Guidelines

Prior to initiating any renewable installation or signing a contract with an installer, please contact Kenny DePriest at 866-674-1055 for more information on the appropriate steps to interconnection.

Make sure you are involved with a reputable dealer and installer, who understands all local codes as well as the requirements of all applicable state statutes, rules and/or regulations. These requirements are intended, among other things, to maintain safety and system reliability.


Check with your insurance agent about liability insurance on the customer-generator distributed generation facility.

Insurance Requirements

  • Application
  • $350 application fee
  • A site plan sketch showing locations of all equipment being installed
  • An engineered stamped electric drawing for review by the cooperative
  • A detailed aerial site image
  • Manufacturers specifications of installed equipment and any other documentation deemed necessary by the HWEC engineering department to start the interconnection process
  • Proof of insurance documentation

Member contacts local county and township entities regarding any needed permitting or restrictions.

HWEC schedule site meeting upon receipt of all completed documentation. A meter base will be provided at the site meeting.

With plan approval, contractor can begin installation including meter base. $650 meter/equipment install will be required at this time. 

Interconnection agreement completed and signed by member with all local or state inspection approvals.

Interconnection agreement completed and signed by member with all local or state inspection approvals.

Steps to Cogeneration

Steps to Cogeneration